conveyancing adelaide

Conveyancing in Adelaide, South Australia

Conveyancing is the process of purchasing property or transferring ownership from one person to another. This can include buying a house, as well as purchasing vacant land or space within a building, such as a flat, apartment or townhouse.

Due to the complex legal nature of property transactions and legal differences between Australian states, it is strongly recommended that you engage experienced professionals as soon as possible to assist you during the conveyancing process.

If you’re considering buying or selling a house or other property in Adelaide or the surrounding areas, including Adelaide Hills, Brighton, Hove or McLaren Vale in the Fleurieu Peninsula, the expert team of conveyancing lawyers at Peter Fisher can help.

Professional conveyancers in Adelaide

We have extensive experience in helping South Australian clients:

  • Buy and sell property
  • Obtain and complete documentation for grants or relief programs, where available, such as the First Home Buyer and Home Builder grants
  • Update certificates of title
  • Place and hold deposits in trust accounts
  • Prepare and lodge all necessary legal and financial documents
  • Calculate tax rates and adjustments
  • Prepare for settlement
  • Understand the rules, regulations, terminology and processes that accompany the conveyancing process
  • Make connections with other industry professionals regarding property changes such as subdivisions, easements and rights of way.

Because laws and regulations can vary widely, even within South Australia, we can also ensure you follow the requirements of other organisations that may need to be involved, such as your local council.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a house or property in Adelaide, Southern Vales or the Adelaide Hills and want to speak with a conveyancer for advice, please contact us.