How do I avoid court in a relationship breakdown?

Whether there are children involved or not, the Family Court does not have to be involved if your relationship ends.  Many people avoid seeing a lawyer altogether and try and work it out themselves, for fear of ending up in a drawn out legal fight.  Rest assured there are lawyers out that there who want to help you achieve a timely and cost effective outcome for you.

There are many benefits with seeking legal advice but our main goal, where possible, is to assist you resolve things amicably, especially when children are involved.  Seeing a lawyer will enable you to get a clear and accurate picture of what you are entitled to, see the bigger picture and help decide what is worth fighting for.  We can assist you in having a clear understanding of where you stand in the eyes of the law which will assist you to negotiate sensibly with your former spouse.

It may sounds surprising, but a generous spirit goes a long way in a property settlement!! You may be faced with spending $20,000 on legal fees to gain $20,000 in an overall settlement, when a simple compromise might see you both $10,000 better off.

Mediation provides an opportunity for open discussion about what both parties want in relation to children and or your finances.  At Peter Fisher Lawyers we can assist you in negotiating with your former spouse, whether it be in a private mediation, collaborative practice or by referring you to external agencies which provides these services.