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We Can Help You With Estate Planning in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills

It is important that you give consideration to what will happen to your assets and who should receive the things you own after you pass away. Given the changing shape of the family unit, you may need to give special consideration for combined, divorced and de facto families.

When you die without leaving a Will your estate is dealt with according to legislation which may not correspond with your wishes (this is known as intestacy). Additionally, if you are in a defacto relationship, and die without making a Will, your defacto partner will need to “prove” the relationship. Both of these scenarios create a burden for your loved ones who will already be going through a difficult time.

An estate plan is NOT just about the preparation of a Will. A successful estate plan also involves provisions to make sure your family members can make financial and healthcare decisions if you become disabled or otherwise incapacitated.

Rather than struggle with these issues alone, seek our professional advice so that you can make informed decisions about your estate planning. Every financial and personal consideration is investigated and planned for, and control of it remains with you. For clients needing assistance with navigating the aged care process on behalf of their loved ones, and the aged care system in South Australia, we have long-term relationships with external Aged Care Liaison advisors if needed.